Meet our team

We are an international DAO team of data scientists and Web3 enthusiasts

10 years Org Design experience, ex Head of Gov at Aragon, visiting lecturer Oxford U.
(Daniel's LinkedIn, X)
Katerina, PhD
10 years in applied network science at Maastricht and Northwestern Universities
(Katerina's LinkedIn, X)
Tjitse van der Molen
Data Science
5 years analyzing networks and developing algorithms. Currently obtaining his PhD in dynamical neuroscience.
(Tjitse's LinkedIn)
Tech Lead
8 years as CTO & Founder
(Cyrille's LinkedIn, GitHub)
Front - End Engineer
Front-end Engineer specializing in React.js, TypeScript, Vue.js, and Web3
(Mehdi's Twitter, GitHub)
Backend Engineer with 5+ years in IoT, streaming, and Web3 collaboration
(Behzad's GitHub)
Data scientist specializing in LLM AI models and Explainable AI methods
(Amins' Twitter, GitHub)

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