Community health insights for Web 3

A new type of organization needs a new types of data analytics. We have assembled a team of data scientists and Web 3 veterans to empower community leaders with deep, actionable insights

While the team is busy building a suite of tools...

We have a small appetizer feature to get you started!

Pick the best time to connect with your community

Because attention is precious, schedule your events and announcements for maximum engagement.

Discover when is your community most active

More features coming soon!

Spot value-adding members in your community
Use data to improve onboarding
Explore all the metrics

that determine the health of your community

Read our research on Community Health

Monitor members who disengage

Take action to bring them back

Benchmark your metrics

Learn from others

Don't like waiting?

Join us now as an early-adopter community and receive a detailed Community Health Report!

With the Community Health Report, we understood the overall feeling of our members towards our community. It helped us recognize the different

kinds of interactions and uncover hidden problems. Thanks to all the provided insights we could take the necessary actions.

Incandenza, Community Guild & Core Contributor at

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