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Precise Member Management

Identify members at risk of disengagement, or discover vital members and convert them into ambassadors.

Smart Announcements

Reach even those who don't check your Discord with automated outreach, increase response rate with segmention and personalization, and improve your work-life balance with the convenience of scheduling announcements in advance.

Community Health Indicators & Recommendations

Level up your community building with laser-sharp precision. Identify members at risk of disengagement, or discover vital members and convert them into ambassadors.

Discover the best time to schedule events

Eliminate the guesswork! Identify when your community is most active so you can find the best time for your events and announcements.

Become unstoppable with community-powered growth!

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Insights Powered by Behavioural Science

We gathered a team of data and social scientists, marketeers, and community builders to answer the question "What drives community success?" and built a data-driven framework to help you get there.

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What Our Clients Say

"The community health dashboard showed us where the fire is."


LexClinic (LexDAO)

"We uncovered hidden problems and could take the necessary actions to engage our members."


Former member Community Guild Aragon DAO

"@together_crew is building one of the most impressive community tools I've seen in all my years in this profession."


Community Management Educator

Easy to use and self serve

1/ View your Dashboard

2/ Select time period

3/ Connect your community platforms*

*Available now: Discord
Coming soon: Twitter, Discourse, Telegram and more!

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Which platforms do you cover?


TogetherCrew comes in 2 versions with different platform integrations - a public version (which you can deploy from the website) and a private version for custom dashboards. The public version can be connected to Discord and Discourse. And soon GitHub, Google Drive, Notion, Telegram, and more will be available.The private version can be connected to any data source you desire via APIs, CSV file upload, and more. If you’re interested in a custom dashboard, reach out to us via email, Telegram, or Twitter.

How do you manage privacy and data?


We take privacy seriously and believe it’s important that you feel safe and confident. We aim to keep your data secure. We do not sell your data. We do not give your data to advertisers. Learn more about how we process your data here or consult our Privacy Policy for the legal documentation.

There’s a feature missing; can I build it?


Yes absolutely. We operate as an Open Source project and welcome contributions by the community. If there’s a missing platform integration, analysis, or otherwise a feature that you want to build, reach out to us via email, Telegram, or Twitter, and we’ll support you in the process. If others use that feature too, you’ll be rewarded for your contribution.

I’ve created an account but only see 0s; why?


Some of our metrics track behavior across time and require up to 1 month of back-dated data to show results. If your community wasn’t active then, or if you haven’t given our bot access to that period, you can wait a couple of weeks, and soon, we’ll have a period long enough to show you analysis across time. You can also go to the Community Settings section and change the period for which we can read the data.

Still have questions? reach out to us via email, Telegram, or Twitter