A new type of organization needs a new types of data analytics

Instead of vanity metrics we assess the underlying causes driving a community's health

Healthy communities are at the heart of Web3

Some communities fall apart under pressure, others come stronger together. We exist to help you become the latter and ensure your members and stakeholders thrive.

Analytics are most valuable when we can combine data from multiple sources and help you make sense of the bigger picture. We partner with multiple DAO tooling projects to bridge silos and empower Web3 communities with the best insights.

Our methodology

We look at communities as nested interdependent ecosystems, not singular structures. A community’s health is the aggregation of its subsystems. It includes individual members, relationships amongst members, formal and informal subgroups and overall community structure.

Our framework and definitions are based on robust scientific research.

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Powerful yet easy to implement

Virtual organizations have a rich digital footprint that we believe is currently underutilized.

This has the dual benefit of low implementation effort and providing deep practical insights to community leaders.

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